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FAME Chooses

Singapore as its worldwide distribution centre because of its well-developed supply chain network, and importantly, its stringent criteria in allowing health supplement products to imported, sold and consumed. FAME is confident that our products, with ingredient extracted from plants, herbs, fruits and other natural sources, manufactured with the highest standard and meeting internationally recognized guidelines like GMP and ISO, will pass all the stringent requirements. This is a clear demonstration that FAME is fully committed in the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.

Our products are priced affordably because we do not engage in multiple levels of distributor channels, nor we embark on expensive endorsement and advertisement campaigns. We believe in research and development, and bringing the best and safest products to our end consumers. Consumers who benefited from our products are our best spokespersons. FAME products are easily available from our online store and selected retailers who have passed our stringent criteria to represent our brands. Talk to us today if you have any question about our products and business. The highlighted and underline text contain hyperlink to related pages in the website.