Why is Sleep Essential for Your Well Being?

There is a popular saying that goes “Health is wealth”. It is probably the greatest way to describe the importance of health to anyone. Nothing is more important than health because without health, not only a person becomes worthless but can also prove to be a burden on people around him.  That is why everyone should take good care of their health and one of the very basic steps is to sleep well. Sleep is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health and growth.

Human brain can get exhausted after a few hours and demands rest. Sleeping allows your brain to rest and work more efficiently which ultimately helps a person’s mental health in a very positive way.

Research has provided us with some vital information on how sleep also helps in improving a person’s learning and problem-solving abilities. It also helps in enhancing your decision-making skills.

Sleep deficiency can lead you to a state in which you lose control over your emotions and the ability to adapt to changes. You might suffer an increased rate of mood swings. Clinical depression has also been linked with deficiency of sleep.

The right amount of sleep is essential for physical health. During sleep, your body undergoes certain repairs. For instance, blood and heart vessels are healed by your body during sleep and nearly torn muscles also relax to prevent further damage and tearing. Studies have shown linkage between sleep deficiency and heart attacks as well as kidney diseases and stroke.

Diabetes and hypertension can also be a result of sleep deficiency. Sleep deficiency messes with your hormones by lowering or increasing the levels of secretions creating a hormonal imbalance. A person who doesn’t sleep enough also has a much higher chance of getting obese than someone who does. Sleep also affects the way your body responds to different drugs and medicines.

People all around the world use different techniques that help them to sleep better and peacefully. One of these techniques is the use of different herbs and weeds. Some of the herbs are:

Valeriana Officinalis

Usually found in parts of Asia, Europe and North America, this perennial herb is not only used as a sleeping aid but is also used for the treatment of anxiety, restlessness and tremors. Essential oils, valenol, valerenic acid, valepotriates and some alkaloids are the main active components of this weed.  The recommended dosages are 400-900 mg before going to bed.

Withania Somnifera

Commonly known as “ashwaghanda”, this plant’s roots and berries both are used in making of the medicine. It helps those people who suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety by assisting their bodies in coping up with daily anxiety. It acts as an “adaptogen” which helps to improve learning abilities but can also be useful for treating arthritis, numerous skin conditions and wounds.

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica is usually known as the “humble plant” or “touch-me-not”. Mimosa pudica’s roots, flower heads and leaves are used by Ayurveda practitioners as a stress reliever and as an anesthetic. There are different tablets available in the market with pudica extracts for the insomnia patients.

It also helps in getting rid of asthma, liver and kidney diseases. Also works against diabetes and hypertension.